Marina Nikolova, Engineer, electronic-technical writer at UltraFlex Power Technologies talks about her path in the company.

What brought you to UltraFlex?

After my daughter starts a kinder garden, I decided that is time to start my first job. I just graduated as a QA engineer with my master’s degree. I need a job whit opportunity to learn and see everything connected with the full manufacture process.

I came across the job offer by one local website and was not familiar with the induction heating industry so far. In Bulgaria they aren’t many enterprises with manufacturing facilities, so the information on the Ultraflex site was very impressive. I was surprised to discover that the job offer requirement was not only for people with previous work experience and I was covering all the bases needed, so I applied.

My fresh start was waiting for me in the Ultraflex company, and I was so excited to learn as much I as can and prove to all new colleagues that I am capable to be part of their engineering team (which was no easy at all 😊). I love my job, every day a new concept and machine are waiting to be released. My work is all about new improvements and challenges for my ability to learn and pass the information.

Here I am 5 years later and I’m grateful to be part of the engineering team.

What have you learned from working in this industry?

There is always an easier way to do things.
To be creative all you need is to stick around the team and listen to technical problems.

What’s the most challenging project you had to work on?

The most difficult project for me was the release of the Smart Power System. It was a challenge for all of us and it was amazing to see and be a part of the project from the beginning. The project gave a new direction for ways of manufacturing, configuration, and documentation in general.

What are the most important skills you’ve learned?

I learned to listen, to be patient, and to extract information without torturing the engineers involved.
To learn fast and to remember a lot of numbers and information.
To accept changes and to be opened to new things to improve my work.

What part of your daily activities empowers you to be creative?

The common workspace for me is the key for more new ideas, we always talk to each other and there is no bad suggestion.
We have a weekly meeting, and everybody talks about his task and problems.
Is there some piece of wisdom that you would like to share with people on the same career path?

There is no shame to ask when you do not understand something.
Be patient and observe the activities around you.
Success is all about skills, communication, and motivation.