Dobrina Bogdanova, Sales Specialist at UltraFlex Power Technologies – Sofia, Bulgaria talks about her career journey in the company.

What brought you to UltraFlex?

I have been in Ultraflex for eight years. When I first graduated, I started my career as an office manager in Ultraflex – which for me was essentially the beginning of my sales career.

What have you learned from working in this industry?

Sales are a challenging career. Creating the most appropriate solution for our customers and then giving them the equipment and motivation to buy from us needs detective skills, teamwork, and an understanding.

I can gain plenty of industry knowledge from my colleagues and customers, but I must work hard to earn this and keep it.

What’s the most challenging project you had to work on?

There are a lot, but here are some of them:

  • The first product videos – EasyMelt installation guide, Dragon 15/20;
  • Preparing and attending first induction heating trade shows – Midest and Tube Dusseldorf 2016;
  • Working on the process for our corporate video;
  • Almost each custom solution project – Tecasa, Arcelik, Ermaksan projects.

What are the most important skills you’ve learned?

This is a team game. I’m playing alongside our customers and my colleagues but against the competition.
As a salesperson, I’m a consultant, team builder, and customer service representative all in one. Understanding our customer’s goals, their financial and economical influences is the key.

What part of your daily activities empowers you to be creative?

My days are typically spent on calls, following up with clients via email.

Scattered throughout the week are a team and department meetings. It includes both internal meetings (weekly departmental kick-offs, team meetings) and external ones (a.k.a., sales calls), as well as administrative work. For example, updating reports – where prospective clients are in the cycle – on a weekly basis.

I spend much of my time presenting our products, giving prospects a deeper dive into the products I’m offering.

Is there some piece of wisdom that you would like to share with people on the same career path?

Everyone looking for a career that lets them interact with people, form beneficial relationships with other businesses, and really see the progress and success of their efforts, sales might be just the path.